About Us Bastards

Why Bother?

Folks have asked me the same two questions since time immemorial; "Is this stuff real or do you make it yourself?" Of course, our answer has always been a resoundingly oblique "HELL YEAH!" long before it was in vogue among certain pro-wrestling circles. (And my surviving Trolls & I all have the burns, abrasions & scars to prove it...) The second question has been phrased in a wide variety of ways; some inquisitive, some incredulous, some downright ass-chewingly insulting, but the translation is always the same: "Why bother?"

Well, I'll tell you...

Because no innocent children were ever killed in a drive-by beheading. Because firearms are the weapons of cowards. Because the world doesn't have enough 3 foot long letter openers. Because I'd rather take my chances against a drunken butt-munch with a claymore than a drunken butt-munch with a loaded Saturday Night Special. Because I feel that status symbols should have a point. Because no one was making the things that I wanted for ME...that I could afford. Because a sword is not only a weapon but also a symbol of commitment to the code of ethics that promotes thought BEFORE action. Because I damned well felt like it.

I've droned on in the past about the empowerment gained from feeding the creative spirit. Now, more than ever, is a good time to reaffirm that. Even in this time of continued personal flux, I have to consider myself somewhat blessed. The reason I even bother getting up in the morning is because, as tenuous as it is at times, I usually get to create art for a living. (Albeit ethically slippery art when used in a dishonorable manner, but I call it art.) These days, it's very hard to find the courage to "follow your bliss;" whether it's performing a craft, maintaining a difficult relationship or getting that tattoo of Jerry Lewis on your left buttock. If you let fear of criticism or failure rule your life, you end up making decisions that usually might leave you "safe" and complacent, but ultimately unfulfilled and haggard. There really IS a "warrior spirit" crouched in all of us that needs to be heeded now & again if we are to remain sane and whole. I don't mean we should all go about hacking off mean peoples' knee caps with katanas (see my disclaimer...), but more that we take up arms against our own inner demons of self-doubt and irresponsibility.

This is really what the Lundegaard Armoury is all about: creating tools to encourage the Inner Warrior, the Pathfinder, the Strong Individual.

(Oh yeah, and help me to afford all that mochaccino and sushi...but MOSTLY the other stuff...) So, seriously, Take Charge. Create Little Miracles. Play Nice. Kick Ass. Follow Your Bliss.

I'm here to help. That's why I bother.

Take a walk through Method to the Madness, which goes through the process by which we make all of our goodies, doodads, and knicknacks. It's even got some neat-o pictures!