Renaissance Veterans Enbroidered Patch

Construo Id Et mundanus Volo Venio
"Build It and The Mundanes Will Come"

Being a RenVet is not quite unlike going to a kinder, gentler Valhalla or Disney's version of a medieval Vietnam. We work our asses off building, maintaining and performing in funny clothes in the hottest/coldest/wettest of weather, often for nothing more than the food in our bellies or the opportunity to "kill" some of our comrades. We practice our respective crafts slavishly for the amusement and edification of the general public to brighten up their otherwise art-starved lives. We brave the unfriendly flora & fauna, hygienic uncertainties and communal claustrophobia of Faire Life with good cheer (most of the time) and fortitude. We create, carouse, make friends, fornicate, marry, raise families, divorce, often on the same Saturday night. We IMPROVISE. Then, we get up the next morning, somewhat sodden, and do it all over again. We are Actors & Directors, Musicians & Merchants, Artisans & Alekeeps, Techies & Rosegirls, what have you, and we are proud of what we do. (at least what we let others know about...) Made right here in the one-wench, USA sweatshoppe of one of your fellow Guild members!

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