The Barbarian Horde

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Who CARES about cel phones, mowing lawns or indoor plumbing? You hail from heartier stock and are willing to wade ashore, blade & torch in hand, to prove it. (Remember our motto, kids: "Pillage, THEN burn"!) You can either join The Horde as a Freelance Barbarian (or Freeaxe, Freemace or freespiked-2x4, what have you...we're open-minded) or petition one of the Chieftains of the 13 Clans for a space around their campfire. (Visit to contact The Clans directly if you don't wish to ford rivers, climb crags, hack through thickets or cross burning sands in person...) Along with your sturdy pin, emblazoned with the Great Serpent encircling the globe over crossed sword & spear & the Horde Motto in Latin, you'll also receive an ID card (laminated to protect it from spilled mead or gore...) proudly stating your commitment to the Barbarian Way AND a Scroll of Allegiance to the Great Horde and your Clan. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a BARBARIAN to raze a village. Get ready to Ragnarok!

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