OMG. My new blade arrived today. OK, I expected it to be phenomenal, Lars made it. I knew it would be exceptional, I looked over the photos and info before splurging on it, BUT I did not realize it would be LOVE at first sight. Balance. Beauty. Grace. A work of art and so much more. Blade #34, AKA "heartbreaker".

Delighted to hear that the Armoury is returning. My Changeling is still one of my prize possessions.
Tis 'bout time ye got offen yer arses and squatted oot a few blades fer us poor bedraggled muckers. We been a'sorely missin yer wit and bull----!!! We canna wait ta see the skullduggery and fine debauchery comin doon th' pipes. Now get to it ye bunch o' raggedarsed hammertoed miscrient toad kissers!! We love ya!!! Post up on MyArmoury.com !!!!
Hooray! As a teen, I longed for the day I was old enough to buy one of your swords or daggers and I hope that someday I can afford a custom piece from you!
I've missed seeing your work! So glad you're getting back into producing weapons again, looking forward to trolling your booth at NYRF this year.
Awesome, fantastic news, a bit of madness does the world of good.......Full steam ahead! Good luck
I cant express how happy I am that you are getting back in to weapons again. I loved all your work & have a custom peace in mind.
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