Greenman Belt Buckle


Minimum quantity for "Greenman Belt Buckle" is 1.

Normally come springtime, people want to take OFF their pants BUT DON'T FALL FOR THAT. Let that perennial potentate of pagan profligacy help you hold up your trousers with panache! Sculpted by the brilliant and only 12.5% stark-raving mad Prudence Albers and properly buckle-ized by my humble self, this beefy 3.25"w x 3.75"t pretty piece of pewter is intended for up to a 2.75" wide belt of 6oz weight leather. Now, pewter is not as tough as bronze, brass or steel, so I do not recommend you load your belt down with tons of junk or wading into a brawl with it whizzing around your head like a Sebastian Cabot-faced flail. BUT, if some Bacchanalian May Day revelry is more your style, then this Greenman can help you hold it together.