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Ahh, the up close & personal method. When you've got to get your point across in a disagreement with anything shorter than 12" in length, you KNOW it's got to be done seriously and with considerable style. We're here to help...
A knife in the dark... or daylight, if you really feel compelled.

Start dragon this art around...

An interesting twist on an old design...

Minimum quantity for "Carmen Noldorin Special" is 1.

Ever wonder what a Scottish Elf would tuck in his boot? I did...

9" of cryogenically treated, 440 stainless steel and cast manganese bronze combine for a one-of-a-kind piece of ambiguously cheeky weaponry.

Across the burning sands of mashed-up influences comes this variation on the original design that started this whole Armoury thing 30 years ago. Oozing...

Minimum quantity for "Curt Jester Saracen Bowie" is 1.

With an 8.5" cryogenically hardened A6 stainless steel blade, manganese bronze hilts, macassar ebony handle and Howlite "moon" in the pommel, this handy...

Minimum quantity for "Snow Owl Dagger" is 1.


Minimum quantity for "Curt Jester Dagger with Custom Sheath" is 1.