The Guild of Certified Public Assassins

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The Cleaners' Guild & Association of Certified Personal Assassins - (The Guild of Saint Nikita)

Nihil Privatus
"It's Nothing Personal"

...It's Murder By Numbers
1. 2. 3.
It's as easy to learn
as your a, b, c's...

In today's day & age, one cannot help but look around and see people that just shouldn't be wasting everyone else's air: Mob attorneys, self-serving politicians, wife-beaters, that putz driving below the speed limit in the ultra-fast lane, etc. They mess up the view for other decent folk, clouding the collective soul and tainting the environment around them with their selfish needs & whims. Unless, of course, someone feels the need to have the problem dealt with; CLEANED UP...with extreme prejudice, so to speak. This is when a reliable character assassin comes in handy... for a price, of course.

As a member of the Cleaners Guild, you'll not only be providing a valuable service by skimming the gene pool, you'll also enjoy the recognition and status as a practitioner of the world's third oldest profession. We could tell you what the second oldest profession is, but then we'd have to kill you.

So, Join Up Now and receive your Guild pin, membership cards & papers!
Be All You Can't Be Anywhere Else...More Normal.