The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads

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Fortes Fortuna Juvat
"Fortune Favors the Brave"

In a triumphant testament to testosterone, the IBRSC has been established to provide a union for those blokes who consistently dwell in that gray area between chivalry and misogyny. If your idea of a good time is risking life and limb to defend a maiden's honor (as long as the possibility of profit or nookie is in the bargain), then you're our kind of guy. Check out some of our role models: Han Solo, James T.Kirk, Bill Thorpe, Duncan McLeod, Henry Miller, The Gray Mouser, James Bond, Lance Druger*, D'Artagnan

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do you always shake hands with someone by grabbing the other persons wrist?
  2. Do you carry a bigger knife than the persons trying to mug you?
  3. Do you know the name of every Alewench & Rosegirl at a Faire? (and their natural hair color?)
  4. Does your belt feel uncomfortable without pouches & weapons hanging from it?
  5. Do you have a tankard in your car at all times, just in case?
  6. Do you wonder what every woman you meet would look like in a bodice?
  7. Have you been known to elicit world-weary sighs from wenches at 50 paces?
  8. Can you generate the emotions of lust and hate in the same woman at the same time?
  9. Have you ever played "Drench A Wench" with a slingshot & a wet sponge?
  10. When someone says, "John Barleycorn is dead," do you cheer?
  11. Do you know the ingredients of Dragon's Blood or Blue?
  12. Is that a sword, or are you just happy to be here? Or both?
  13. Have you had more Faire wives than real ones?
  14. If there is a Wench Walk going on, does it always find you?
  15. Have you ever received a pair of ladies panties for outstanding performance in a leading role?
  16. Are you ready to gnaw off your own arm to escape the strange, unconscious woman you woke up next to?
  17. Have you almost lost an eye while grape-diving on a steel-boned corset?
  18. Do you know the proper technique for the "Australian Grape Dive"?
  19. Are you more concerned about the Wenches than the Sheriff?
  20. Can you describe your religion as "bodice worshipping"?
  21. Do you drink several glasses of apple juice before going out as a favor to your date?
  22. Are you always getting sticky whiskers from too much honey dust grazing?
  23. Do wenches ask you for an "ice chest" on a regular basis?
  24. Do you get Free Kiss And/Or cards for your birthday?
  25. Is a wubby your idea of a proper greeting?
  26. Do you order a meal and when the waitress asks how you'd like it, reply, "with whips & chains, lass!"?

(*A True Rogue, Lance came up with a lot of the above criteria...what a guy.)

If you've racked up more than 5 "Ayes" to the previous queries, you rogue, then the only manly thing left to do is bloody well join up! When you do, you'll receive your Guild Pin, Special Free Kiss And/Or Cards, License To Ill and a digital download of Le Grimoir Libertine, the Guild Handbook, filled with gobs of devilish doings. So, what are you waiting for? There's honors to offer & offers to honor awaiting! And be sure to visit the official IBRSC website at!

Please note: All guild orders contain customized certificates, pins and ID cards. Please allow 6-8 weeks to ship.