The International Fellowship of Royal Privateers

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(The Guild of Saint Errol)

Our Motto:
"It was sinking when I got there..."

These scurvy Sea Dogs and Bitches can be easily identified by their salty demeanors, slightly swaying mode of perambulation and ceaseless preoccupation with the coveting of "booty". Privateers are one step short of Pirates, as they have managed to petition and receive from the ruling monarchy a license (called a "Letter of Marque") that basically allows them to plunder the goods of others and not get their necks stretched on the gibbet, just so long as those others are identified as "enemies of the Crown". If a particular crew's Captain is not presently with them, they have no direct management aside from vague directives presented by their Council of Captains and the mysterious Admiralty Office. They tend to look rather disreputable, but live by a strict code of ethics and can be trusted to a limited degree. While ashore, they tend to be rather spirited and eager to carouse with the best of you, albeit you may have to learn some sea chanteys and develop a taste for grog to better fit in. Eye patch, parrot and peg-leg are not necessary, though one or all may earn you brownie points for trying. And try not to take offense when one addresses you with "Yo ho!": it's just a friendly expression.

So, Keelhaul Ass and sign the book, laddies and lassies! There's booty to, ahem, REDISTRIBUTE and shore leaves to plan! Don't let your ship of fools sail without you. If you don't presently know a crew you wish to join or have a billet in mind, check the list of Ships and crew in the Guild Fleet on the official Privateer's website - IFRP.ORG. Who needs a Press Gang when you can do it all y'rself?

Your membership order includes:

* pin
* Letter of Marque
* ID Card
* Quarter/No Quarter cards
* handy Chits of Ransom

Please note: All guild orders contain customized certificates, pins and ID cards. Please allow 6-8 weeks to ship.

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