The Renaissance Mercenaries Guild

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In Omnia Paratus
"Ready for Anything"

The Question has been asked for ages: "Which is stronger; the Sword or the Flesh that wields it?" In oblique answer to this Riddle of Steel, we, the Free Companions of the Renaissance Mercenaries Guild (a.k.a. The RenMercs), have convened this not-so-clandestine cohort of responsible adults to prove to the Powers That Be that those who prefer to openly bear their often expensive blades with common sense and dignity are worthwhile additions to the general Faire atmosphere and are to be supported.

To this end, the RenMercs, through honest & open cooperation with the Ruling Elite, Serfs & Merchants alike, maintain an esprit de corps that upholds responsible behavior (no drunken brawls or frontal front of witnesses), INTENSE discretion in the bearing and usage of their weapons (as per Faire bylaws, like "Peace Binding") an attitude of civility and encouragement toward Rennies, Renrats & Mundanes alike, the genuine desire to be helpful in times of need & support the general "Well Faire" and the dedication to perform Random Acts of Kindness.

Far from some medieval vigilante group, the RenMercs are an all volunteer group of genial yet somewhat whacked individuals devoted to proving that armed Rennies are not a hazard but a benefit to Renaissance Festivals and their patrons, a presence of reassuring support and not a gang of weird & unpredictable tavern slugs. We realize that the right to bear arms is really a privilege, and to protect this privilege, the RenMercs are role-playing-models, (scary-looking as we often are...) who step forward and fight the good fight with our most powerful weapons of all: a kind heart & a clear head.

At the Renaissance Festival, fun, food & "faire play" is what it's all about, so if someone needs a professional, they can count on the RenMercs.

A Renmerc's Rights and Privileges

  • Preferred use of RenMerc Guild Halls/Hostels for R&R, wardrobe changes, stowage of gear, hot & cold drinks, urgent phone calls and general loafing. NO SEX, Please. ( least none that would disturb the flow of business with sound effects or structural vibration)
  • Discounts on food tickets & merchandise from participating artisans
  • Group rate discounts on Faire Entry Passes (inquire at least 6 weeks before the show you plan to attend)
  • Access to the Guild Ren-Data Base & mailing lists
  • The local Guild Hall Warden will mediate disputes on a Merc's behalf
  • Assistance in finding Work Opportunities at Faires from Local Guild Wardens
  • The comforting feeling that you're part of a "company" that not only will encourage your individualistic nature, but defend it.

So, Join Up Now and receive your Guild pin, membership cards & papers! Be All You Can't Be Anywhere Else... More Normal.

Your guild membership order includes:

  • Numbered Renaissance Mercenary Guild Pin
  • Ren Merc Certificate, suitable for framing in your pavillion
  • 10 Reward Claim cards, for your good services rendered 
  • Guild ID Card (when undercover...)
Please note: All guild orders contain customized certificates, pins and ID cards. Please allow 6-8 weeks to ship.